“At Fin Facts Sports, our Raw Material Department forms the backbone of quality and innovation. We believe that the journey from raw materials to the final product defines our commitment to excellence. With each thread, button, zipper, and swatch fabric, we weave the story of performance and style.

  • Initiating the process, material requisitions are generated based on production demands and inventory levels.
  • Analysis of inventory data and production forecasts guides the determination of required raw material quantities.


At Fin Facts Sports, the Raw Material Department’s multifaceted process orchestrates the harmonious blend of materials, precision, and creativity, culminating in products that resonate with our commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Material Requisition and Ordering
  • Supplier Selection and Ordering
  • Material Receipt and Inspection
  • Quality Control
  • Reordering and Supplier Relationship
  • Material Storage
  • Inventory Management
  • Material Handling and Preparation
  • Material Issuance
  • Waste Management

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