Raw Materials



At Finfact Sports, our Raw Material Department forms the backbone of quality and innovation. We believe that the journey from raw materials to the final product defines our commitment to excellence. With each thread, button, zipper, and swatch fabric, we weave the story of performance and style.

1. Material Requisition and Ordering:


    • Initiating the process, material requisitions are generated based on production demands and inventory levels.


    • Analysis of inventory data and production forecasts guides the determination of required raw material quantities.

2. Supplier Selection and Ordering:


    • Suppliers are chosen based on factors such as quality, cost, reliability, and lead times.


    • Purchase orders are created and sent to selected suppliers, detailing the type and quantity of raw materials needed.

3. Material Receipt and Inspection:


    • Received materials undergo thorough inspection for quality, quantity, and adherence to specifications.


    • Any inconsistencies or discrepancies are meticulously documented and communicated for swift resolution.

4. Quality Control:


    • Representative samples of raw materials are subject to rigorous quality control tests to ensure they meet defined standards.


    • Quality assessments encompass physical tests, visual inspections, and other relevant criteria.

5. Material Storage:


    • Approved materials find their place in designated storage areas, accounting for material attributes, environmental considerations, and accessibility.


    • Adhering to the FIFO (First-In-First-Out) or FEFO (First-Expired-First-Out) principles, the department ensures optimal inventory rotation.

6. Inventory Management:


    • Inventory management systems are harnessed to monitor and manage material quantities in stock.


    • Routine audits and cycle counts maintain the integrity of inventory records, facilitating accurate planning.

7. Material Handling and Preparation:


    • Raw materials are retrieved from storage and prepared as needed for integration into production.


    • Whether sorting, cutting, or other tasks, the department ensures materials are primed for seamless use.

8. Material Issuance:


    • Processing material requisitions from various production units, the department orchestrates the issuance of requisite materials.


    • Meticulous documentation accompanies each issuance, promoting traceability and transparency.

9. Waste Management:


    • Defective or unsuitable materials are conscientiously managed through proper disposal or recycling channels.


    • Waste management protocols uphold environmental sustainability while minimizing any adverse impacts.

10. Reordering and Supplier Relationship:


    • Regular reviews of inventory levels guide the initiation of reorder processes, maintaining a steady supply.


    • The department nurtures open lines of communication with suppliers to ensure mutual success and prompt issue resolution.

At Finfact Sports, the Raw Material Department’s multifaceted process orchestrates the harmonious blend of materials, precision, and creativity, culminating in products that resonate with our commitment to quality and innovation.


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