Quality Check



Step into the realm of precision and perfection – the Quality Check Department at Finfact Sports. Here, we uphold the highest standards to ensure that every product that leaves our facility is a testament to exceptional quality and attention to detail. From fabric to finished product, our rigorous checks ensure that each item meets our uncompromising standards.


Fabric Inspection:

Quality begins with the selection of the finest materials. Our fabric inspection process involves a meticulous evaluation of the fabric’s texture, strength, and integrity. Only fabrics that meet our stringent criteria move forward, guaranteeing that the foundation of each product is of the highest quality.


Color Matching:

Vibrant designs deserve accurate color representation. Our experts meticulously match colors to your specifications, ensuring that the final product reflects your vision with precision. From thread to print, color accuracy is paramount to creating products that delight the eye.


RIF Checking:

The Reflective Index Fiber (RIF) checking process ensures that reflective elements are seamlessly integrated. Whether it’s for safety gear or aesthetic details, RIF checking ensures that reflective elements are strategically placed and meet the necessary standards.


Final Inspection:

The final inspection is our last line of defense for quality assurance. Every inch of the product is examined, from stitching to embellishments. This meticulous evaluation ensures that each item leaving our facility is free from defects and upholds our reputation for excellence.


GSM, Bleed & Washing Test:

We subject our products to rigorous tests to guarantee their durability and longevity. The GSM (Grams per Square Meter) test evaluates fabric thickness and density, while the Bleed test ensures that colors remain vibrant even after washing. Washing tests ensure that our products maintain their quality even through frequent use and cleaning.


Crafting Excellence:

The Quality Check Department is where craftsmanship and precision culminate. Our team of meticulous inspectors ensures that each product is a flawless representation of our commitment to excellence, paying attention to every detail that sets FinFact Sports apart.


Collaborative Perfection:

Our quality check process is a collaborative effort. We work closely with other departments to ensure that the entire production process meets our rigorous standards. From initial fabric inspection to final product evaluation, every step is designed to deliver the highest quality.

At Finfact Sports, the Quality Check Department is the guardian of our reputation for excellence. It’s the embodiment of our dedication to delivering products that not only meet but exceed expectations.


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