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Welcome to the realm of creativity and customization – the Embellishment Department at Finfact Sports. Here, we transform ordinary fabrics into unique and eye-catching sports and clothing products that stand out from the crowd. With a blend of cutting-edge techniques and artistic mastery, our embellishment team brings your designs to life in the most vibrant and captivating ways.


Sublimation Printing:

Our sublimation printing process is a gateway to vibrant designs that become one with the fabric. Using heat and specialized inks, we infuse your artwork into the fabric, creating stunning, fade-resistant patterns. Whether it’s bold graphics or intricate designs, sublimation printing ensures that your vision comes to life in full color.



Elevate your products with the timeless charm of embroidery. Our skilled artisans meticulously stitch your designs onto the fabric, adding texture and dimension. From logos to intricate details, embroidery brings a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to your sports and clothing items.


Sticker Printer:

For a touch of playfulness and personalization, our sticker printer brings your ideas to life. Express yourself with vibrant stickers that adhere seamlessly to the fabric, adding a dynamic element to your products. This technique is perfect for adding small details, names, and graphics that make a big impact.


Silk Screen Printing:

The art of silk screen printing allows us to create intricate designs with remarkable precision. Our team creates custom screens for each design, applying layers of ink to achieve rich, detailed patterns. This technique is ideal for bold designs and large quantities, ensuring consistency and quality across each piece.


Heat Transfer:

Heat transfer offers versatility and striking visual impact. Your designs are printed onto a special transfer material and then heat-pressed onto the fabric. This method is particularly effective for intricate details, gradients, and photographic prints, creating a lasting impression that captures attention.


Crafting Customization:

In the Embellishment Department, we transform fabrics into canvases of self-expression. Every technique we employ is a brushstroke of artistry, ensuring that your designs are not only vivid but also durable, lasting the test of time and active use.


Collaborative Creativity:

Our embellishment department collaborates closely with other units to ensure a seamless fusion of design and function. From selecting the right embellishment technique for the fabric to meticulous execution, we work together to bring your ideas to life in the most impressive manner.

At Finfact Sports, the Embellishment Department is where imagination knows no bounds. It’s the intersection of technology and artistry, resulting in products that showcase your creativity in bold and captivating ways.


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